Luxurious Houses with Cosy Interior

A marvellous residence in the beachside suburb of Trigg city in Australia was created by Hillam Architects. Luxury, coziness, comfort — these three words can describe this place.

Trigg Residence by Hilliam ArchitectsbyDion Robeson

photo by @Dion Robeson


Atalaya House created by Alberto Kalach is indeed a sanctuary for those looking for tranquillity and comfort. Located in the USA, California, the house overlooks the Pacific Ocean, the valleys and the distant mountains.

Atalaya House by Alberto KalachbyYoshihiro Koitani

photo by @Yoshihiro Koitani


In Stone House Transformation in Scaiano, Switzerland one can find the authentic conservation of the historic stone facade, which is capable of telling the house story. It was created by Wespi de Meuron Romeo.

Stone House Transformation by Wespi de Meuron RomeobyHannes Henz

photo by @Hannes Henz


Clifton House in Cape Town in South Africa offers its guests idyllic setting and luxurious interior.

Clifton House 2 by Peerutin Architects

photo by @Peerutin Architects


Bungalow in Singapore is indeed a nest of luxury created by Peerutin Architects. It ensures that one will get cosy and comfortable atmosphere during the stay.

Bungalow in Singapore by Visual Text Architect

photo by @Visual Text Architect

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