Incredible Hotels with View from the Top

At picturesque Aqua Villa in Santorini, which is in Greece, one can get a fantastic view from the top. Located far from a noisy city centre, it provides visitors with tranquillity and bliss.

Aqua VillaSantorini GreecePhotography byg0lden_heart

photo by @golden_heart


Another Greek destination is Cavo Tagoo Mykonos. This hotel is literally carved into rock, which overlooks the Aegean Sea.


photo by @bookonin


Karma Kandara is located on an oceanside cliff in Bali, Indonesia. One can find unparalleled beauty of landscapes combined with luxurious design here.

Karma KandaraBaliIndonesiaPhoto byjuju.lovee

photo by @byjuju.lovee


Iconic Santorini is considered to be a boutique cave hotel, for it is carved from the volcanic wall of a caldera. This place is indeed a heaven of tranquillity with picturesque views from top.

kinsonsworldIconicSantorinia boutiquecave hotel

photo by @kinsonsworld


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