Piece of heaven in the Thai breathtaking scenery

Rayavadee Resort is situated in the heart of Krabi – the southern province in Thailand, surrounded by tropical gardens and beaches, rich flora, fauna and marine life. This beachfront accommodation was constructed to nestle in between the trees that surrounds it, in order to blend perfectly with the natural surroundings. The resort focuses to imply practices to reduce the negative impact on surroundings with a focus on sustainable water and waste management and energy efficiency.

The resort consists of two-storey pavilions and luxurious villas, completely immersed in the tropical gardens, featuring fully equipped, spacious accommodation, stylish Thai-inspired details, unique design and service that gives the feeling of luxury. There are five types of pavilions: Deluxe, Terrace, Pool, Family and Family Pool pavilion, as well as three types of villas: Raitalay, Rayavadee and Phranang villa. Raya Dining Restaurant offers western and Asian cuisine that can be enjoyed in various settings. 

There are plenty of experiences that can be enjoyed at Rayavadee, from sea and land excursions to cultural and active offerings. Resort also offers a Spa based on ancient Thai healing traditions and a philosophy of well-being that combines body, mind and spirit, as well as an ancient, traditional boutique with a five-star shopping experience.

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The luxury of living close to nature

Outstanding location

Glamour and comfort in every detail

Integration into the authentic local environment

Genuine living experience


Personalized service & lifestyle

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