On the white sands of Brazil

Nannai Resort & Spa is a stunning luxurious resort located on the white sands of Muro Alto Beach in Brazil. It has 7 different luxury bungalows with a private pool, garden and sea views.

Luxurious bungalows are surrounded by the palm trees with a view on the Atlantic ocean. Contemporary interior design of the bungalows with gentle and subtle natural colors, private hot tub on a terrace with a view , truly offer a feeling of luxury. Chalets are fully equipped, while the hotel offers facilities such as golf and tennis courts.

The resort combines the best of exclusive hotels with the diversity of options like a resort such as private bungalows with a pool, the combination of regional cuisine and seafood preparations, sports and leisure, and other various services that create a warm atmosphere of home. Nannai offers a rich gastronomy and has one of the biggest SPA L’Occitane in Latin America.

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The luxury of living close to nature


Outstanding location

Glamour and comfort in every detail

Integration into the authentic local environment

Genuine living experience

Personalized service & lifestyle

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