Cozy Nordic oasis

A getaway on the edge of it all! Manshausen is a unique hotel on a small island on the coast of Northern Norway. The view from this glass covered huts, overlooking the sea and mountains looks simply stunning.

The hotel consists of 7 sea cabins, fully covered with windows, which extend over the water. Each hut has two separate bedrooms and have a specially designed bathroom and kitchen in corian. The main house, which serves as the common area, accommodates the kitchen, dining area, and library.

Overlooking the sea, there is a dam filled with salt water, as well as the wooden hot tub and sauna. Plenty of activities can be enjoyed in the surroundings, such as hiking, fishing, rock climbing, diving or sailing.

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The luxury of living close to nature

Outstanding location


Glamour and comfort in every detail


Integration into the authentic local environment

Genuine living experience


Personalized service & lifestyle


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