Hideout Bali

Hideout Bali is a collection of unique eco accommodations, hidden in the natural surroundings, welcome adventurous and environmentally thinking travellers. It is a true getaway gem situated in the heart of Balinese forest. It is surrounded by wildlife, but yet gives a feeling of complete warmth and coziness.

These all-bamboo houses are crafted by talented bamboo masters from the local village, since it is focused on the ecology and sustainability of the building. This bamboo homes are built in a smaller, modern and funky design. There are few types of houses that slightly vary in design, but all have the same purpose – to stay one with nature.

The Hideout houses are filled with books, musical instruments, art supplies, board games, a yoga mat and even a scooter to explore the surroundings in adventurous way. 

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The luxury of living close to nature

Outstanding location

Glamour and comfort in every detail


Integration into the authentic local environment

Genuine living experience

Personalized service & lifestyle


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