Experience tropical Living in A Bamboo Villa

Perched on the sacred Ayung River and surrounded by the lush Balinese forest, Green Village is a tranquil and peaceful compound that hosts spectacular bamboo houses and villas.

Bamboo house

Each luxury villa and house in Green Village is constructed almost entirely from bamboo and built by hand. The beautiful structures showcase how bamboo – combined with brass, copper, and stone – can create sustainable, luxurious floors, walls, ceilings, stairs, and railings.

Bamboo villa

Bamboo villa

Today, together with the world-famous Green School, Green Village has been recognized as one of Bali’s most remarkable communities in sustainable living and housing.

Bamboo villa


All bamboo villas are located only a short scenic walk away from the reputable Green School, where education is designed around the principles of an organic permaculture system.


Bamboo house

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The luxury of living close to nature

Outstanding location

Glamour and comfort in every detail


Integration into the authentic local environment

Genuine living experience

Personalized service & lifestyle


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