Completely within nature – French Polynesia

Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort, located in French Polynesia, in the South Pacific, has available 12 Beach Bungalows, 9 Overwater Bungalows, 7 Premium Overwater Bungalow, 8 Overwater Suites and 1 Beach Villa with pool.



Made from coconut palms, bamboo, teak and local wood, the houses make you feel what Luxury of Freedom really means. The idea of this resort is that even when you are indoors you feel like outside, breathing fresh air because you are surrounded by natural material.



If you like spacious places, you won’t be disappointed, once houses are big enough – from 45m² to 93m2 for the suites – for you to spend great days and freely move.


Polynesian and European cuisine are the main dishes you will find in the resort restaurant, but with a differential: the Cloudnesting resort gives pride of place of fresh local products.



Last but not least are the activities included: snorkelling, sunset cruise, picnic on a motu, bicycle tour of the village, scuba diving, and massage at the fare Manea Spa.


Photos by Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort:


The luxury of living close to nature

Outstanding location

Glamour and comfort in every detail

Integration into the authentic local environment

Genuine living experience

Personalized service & lifestyle

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