Secret Seaside Getaways

Do you dream of a far and away journey? Would you like to escape for a weekend and visit an exclusive destination that is quite exotic and ideal for a city-break? We chose some hidden gems by the sea.

Bulgari Resort Bali offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean. Excellent services such as  day excursions to the nearby islands, as well as helicopter flights over the volcano will make this trip a truly memorable experience!

viber image12

Photography @_letstravel_

Azulik Hotel Tulum and Maya Spa ensure your relaxation and pampering spa holidays in a tropical scenery.

viber image13

Photography @beautifulhotels

The Ungasan, Clifftop Resort is located just 150 metres above the Indian Ocean, providing breathtking views of natural environment.

viber imagen

Photography @jeremyaustin

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