Nature Resorts for A long weekend Getaway

Would you like to get away for a while and visit a new destination that is quite exotic and faraway of the city? We chose some hideaways in rural Spain to escape the crowds.

Hotel del Teatre

Regencós, Catalonia

Located in a small village, with a pretty square, the restaurant is on one side of the square, with the bedrooms across the street in a stone building with white beams, white walls, crisp-linen beds and a minimalist sense. Sandy beaches and sparkling coves are a 10-minute drive away.


Photo by: theguardian


Berodia de Cabrales, Asturias

Set in the Picos de Europa national park and surrounded by majestic pines, Jascal is in the red-roofed village of Berodia, reached by crossing the Casano river and climbing a winding road.


Photo by: theguardian

Hotel Rural El Añadio

Vilches, Andalucía

The approach is an adventure in itself. A three-mile track winds its way up to the remote farmhouse; all you hear are the birds, and the lowing of cattle. The single-storey building wraps around a courtyard with a fountain. The cosy bedrooms with bare-stone walls are in the old farm manager’s quarters, and there’s also a pool and terrace.


Photo by: theguardian

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