Luxury vacation in Mykonos island

Villa Alexandra, Kastro, Mykonos, Greece
All the luxury rooms of Mykonos Villa Alexandra are fitted with modern furniture and luxurious comforts in order to make sure an ideal holiday experience for all guests by visiting the picturesque area of Kastro in Mykonos Island.

Photo credit: luxuryvacationhomes

Villa Beverly, Ftelia Beach, Mykonos
This property offers breathtaking sea views while the lounge area is ideal for enjoying the stunning sunset colors of Mykonos.

Photo credit: luxuryvacationhomes

Villa Danielle, Kounoupas, Mykonos
Villa Danielle is the villa with the dreamiest outdoor area. Comfortable sofa beds and a private pool with hot tub are only some of its magnificent characteristics.

Photo credit: luxuryvacationhomes

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