Tree Nesting

Have you ever dreamt of having a tree nest in the childhood? In which you could merge with the nature and become a part of the latter. In adulthood, however, one would certainly prefer a luxurious nest, which could provide comfort and relaxing atmosphere. Tree houses are the best option for building eco-friendly houses, especially in remote forest areas, for they do not need a clearing certain areas of forest.


Unforgettable moments and candlelit baths under the stars at tree House at Tongabezi Lodge, Zambia.


Photo by @tongabezi


Enjoy stunning open-air bedroom at Bangkok Tree House in Thailand, which is situated on peninsula away from city noise and bustle.


Photo by @Gentleman’s Journal


Luxurious design with marvelous views from top of the tree.


Photo by @architectvibe


Watching the stars when falling asleep, listening to the sounds of nature and feeling a part of it ― this is possible to experience in one of Lion Sands Tree Houses.


Photo by @lionsandsgamereserve


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