Top best resorts in nature

BIG BERRY, Slovenia


This luxury resort would definitely get the 1st place in any top list. The concept of BIG BERRY contains everything you need: luxury, nature, comfort. You would fall in love not only with beautiful houses and it’s interior, but with the spot itself: all BIG BERRY destinations are surrounded by nature, which makes it the best in our top.


Rain Forest Resort, Thailand


This luxury resort offers all the wonders of a Thai tropical rainforest. Situated near beautiful Kangsong Waterfall. You can start here before visiting nearby World Heritage Sites such as Sukhothai and Sri Satchanalai.

Photo: RainForestResort


Red Mountain Resort in Ivins, U.S.


Outdoor adventure awaits at the Red Mountain Resort, a destination resort set amidst the glowing landscapes of southern Utah. Set just on the outskirts of Snow Canyon State Park, Red Mountain Resort caters to both wellness and adventure retreats with an impressive offering of nature-centric activities.



Naya Gawana Resort & Spa, Bali


The Naya Gawana Resort & Spa is located on the northern bank of the narrow Menjangan Bay, within the West Bali National Park. The waters within the bay are calm year round, with scenic landscape of north Bali’s mountain range as backdrop. The resort features a private jetty over the bay, as well as a great freeform pool with hot spring plunge pool. Mangrove suites feature spacious wooden sundecks overlooking the forested coast while Bay View suites are built using natural timber and feature a luxurious bathroom and private plunge pool with natural hot spring.



Salish Lodge & Spa in Snoqualmie, Washington


A quick 30-minute ride from Seattle, Salish Lodge is a weekend escape into nature. The resort sits at the top of the scenic Snoqualmie Falls, where a constant rush of water helps to destress and center yourself with nature throughout your stay. The resort’s 84 guestrooms all feature fireplaces and oversized spa tubs. It’s best to note that not all rooms face the falls, though the view is worth the premium.



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