World’s most luxury sunsets

Cloudnesting collected for you the most amazing luxury sunsets from all over the world.



Angama Mara, Kenya

18646500_330467614038545_947435992694915072_nPhoto by @angamasafari

Finolhu Maldives

18579590_193766814479420_721787907135766528_nPhoto by @michutravel

Amanpuri resort, Phuket, Thailand

18513348_1925650934359447_6470178552783306752_nPhoto by @katerinakatopis

Angama Mara, Kenya

18950119_1468647649868512_7298471237859147776_n-2Photo by @angamasafari

Amari, Maldives

18161668_1308675662573225_3337656417577336832_nPhoto by @beautifulretreats

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