The best mountains accommodation

Chilling within mountains – what could be more relaxing? Having a good accommodation surrounded by mountains is even better!

Check out the best mountains accommodation selected by Cloudnesting.


Hotel Villa Honegg

18252915_111280282772161_7980131274138320896_n-2Photo by @zeebalife

Eichardt’s Private Hotel and Bar, New Zealand ⠀

18580818_1174149952695947_9106027328395280384_n-2Photo by @therichlifeteam

Mo’orea, Tahiti

17882836_1289268127859628_4551534103798743040_nPhoto by @zachfack

Grand Tirolia Golf & Ski Resort Kitzbuhel ⠀

16464262_1825624051058495_5961551019304288256_nPhoto by @ohhcouture

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Canada

15875768_1397394460285523_9123959083144052736_nPhoto by @adamgoldbergphotography

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