What is luxury? Top 5 definition from Cloudnesting

Living a luxury lifestyle is one of the main features of Cloudnesting. Though… do you REALLY know what is it – luxury?

We collected 5 main definitions of what is luxury for Cloudnesting. And what is luxury for you?

Luxury is so much more than just accommodation

Accommodation is no longer the main trait of luxury. It also contains much more things like areas, amenities and lifestyle. It usually also means experiencing and explore new wild and non-traditional areas where you feel yourself free and surrounded by pure nature.

17076183_222752581533427_4520674549028618240_nBora Bora, French Polynesia
photo: @timmckenna

Luxury is an experience

Being free and have an ability to explore the world without any limitations – is a real luxury. Nowadays we don’t have this attraction to the goods as to experience. Having an ability to experience something new – is a luxury of living.

18444453_1885480241711962_3280924216039309312_nSunwapta Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta
photo: @rebornbyadventure

Luxury is convenience

Having good service and amenities is what everyone seeks at luxury lifestyle. Enjoying the best moments of your life without caring about mundane things is what we call luxury.

18445058_120036405237854_7448113795441885184_nTierra, Chile
photo: @lalarebelo

Luxury is authentic

Heading off beyond the beaten tourist path and becoming immersed in authentic local culture or environment – is a real luxury of living. Eating local food, experience authentic adventures and explore new area is something that not everyone can experience, so it makes it really special. 

17934042_1317526148295142_7531469648844292096_nSeminyak, Bali
photo: @kinsonsworld

Luxury is freedom

Stuck at busy cities and having plenty of responsibilities makes us enjoying little moments of being alone with nature and yourself. Freedom is real luxury for our generation and lest’s enjoy it fully.

photo: @aleporte

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