The best pieces of natural beauty and landscape

It’s really interesting how do people start to appreciate things they are lacking in. Living in crowded cities makes us miss nature and it’s beauty, and appreciate the rare moments of enjoying it.
Today we would like to share with you the best pieces of natural beauty and landscape from all over the world. Which place would you like to visit?

Galesnjak Island, Croatia


In this island you would definitely feel loved! Only a few kilometers from Zadar, Croatia there is the Galesnjak Island – the only island in the world with a heart shape. Perfect place to visit on your honeymoon or just with a person you love.


Rhine waterfalls, Switzerland


One of the biggest waterfalls in Europe – The Rhine waterfalls will definitely amaze you. Beautiful and powerful nature with pieces of  outstanding architecture will make you come back to Switzerland again and again.


The Faroe Islands, Denmark


“Faroe Islands”, literally translated as  “Island of the sheep” are situated just between Scotland and Iceland. With 1400 km2 of preserved nature they are perfect for people who like low temperatures (11 degrees in summer and not less than 3 degrees in winter).


Meteora, Greece


This place is so outstanding that even National Geographic couldn’t leave it without attention. These monasteries, hung in the sky, are a high place of the Orthodox religion.


The Hallerbos Forest, Belgium


There is a magical place near Brussels all covered with blue bell of wild hyacinths in the wood of Hallerbos in Hal. This beautiful forest is famous for the beautiful wild hyacinths that bloom at the end of April or the beginning of May.


Bled, Slovenia


The Bled lake is one of the most famous and beautiful places in Slovenia. Its magnificent castle listed among the most beautiful castles in Europe overlooks the lake of Bled on which you can see the only island of Slovenia.


The Lofoten Islands, Norway


The Lofoten Islands looks like a hometown of Hobbits. It’s definitely dream destination for most of travelers. This archipelago offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. It is a quiet and peaceful place inhabited by a few fishermen who enjoy the fishy waters of Lofoten.



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